Jul 2015

The new TS Stain Remover by Teak Solutions

Teak Solutions after 20 years of teak manufacturing for the highest profile yachts, is pleased to announce this year´s launching of its new professional Teak Stain Remover developed for the most demanding clients, a spot remover designed especially for high quality teak decks.


It removes grease and oil stains on all kinds of washable or non-washable fabrics. It also removes on board deck stains. Quickly removes: wine, grease, mechanic, oil, food, birds residues, sunscreen and much more.


The new Teak Stain Remover forms part of the rest of a wide range products, such as Caulking, Teak Cleaner and Epoxy, all of which are sold internationally.

Distributors in Spain, Greece and the rest of Europe.


Action Plan:

We are sending the Product Sample to our clients. At the moment, we have been receiving positive feedback as clients seem to be satisfied with the results.

In addition, we have designed a “Teak Stain Remover Practical Workshop” exclusively for our customers, so the products can be tested and results can be witnessed first-hand. You will be able to learn how to use our products and how to fix your teak decks in season, quick fixes and larger repairs.

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