Oct 2015

Teak Cleaner Release

Teak Solutions, leader with extensive experience in the market for teak decks, in both manufacturing and installation as well as repair and maintenance, we have a specialized product line that is widely recognized in the sector.


In line with the continuous improvement and maintenance of the highest standards of quality and innovation that characterizes us, we add a unique TS Teak Cleaner to our portfolio, which ensures the removal of dirt on the surface of the decks. This product is available in both powdered and liquid form, and in various sizes. The new TS Teak Cleaner becomes part of our range of products that take care and respect the environment.


Unlike other types of cleaners available in the market, TS Teak Cleaner protects the properties of teak and keeps its natural colour, retains the sealing material together, the water tightness and the seam itself, without causing damage to the paint and / or the stainless steel, when it may be in contact with it during application of the product.


As experts in repair and manufacturing of teak decks, we warn our customers who use certain products with acid base (very commonly used in the industry - so-called "two steps" - that manages to remove dirt, polish and enhance colour of the wood immediately), with the passage of time and frequent use thereof, may lead to the dissolution of teak fibers causing irreparable wear and rendering into a rough surface.


Also, the acid contained in these products produce a degree of dissolution of the joint sealing material making it a soft, sticky material that, in the worst case, may be drawn into the yacht by adhesion to the shoe sole.


One of the great challenges we set ourselves within Teak Solutions is to train and inform our customers about the importance of caring for teak decks, using the right products, for which we offer our customers lectures and specific training courses.



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