Jan 2013

Purchase of logs prepare for the band

In preparation for the government of Myanmar (Burmese) ban on the export of road logs, effective March 31, 2014, Teak Solutions surveyed and bid on hundreds of quality STAR, SG1, SG2 and SG4 logs during 2013.  The result was the purchase of nearly 300 quality logs which have now been exported to the company log mill in Hyderabad India.  These logs guarantee, Teak Solutions a supply of yacht grade teak at a known price which can now be processed by individuals with the proven skills to produce the desired quality.  Teak Solutions will now continue into the future as one of the few teak companies which custom cuts, vacuum dries, and mills its own lumber to the size and quality desired by each client. While processed Teak can continue to be exported from Myanmar (Burma), the supply of quality logs is nearly exhausted and the skill set and or modern equipment to do it efficiently is simply not yet available.

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