Yachts suffer from caulk seam failure.

Older and sometimes even newer yachts suffer from caulk seam failure.  When experienced early in the teak decks life, they are often the cause of installation failure or maintenance failures.  On older yachts the caulking simply nears the end of its anticipated life cycle and must be replaced.  Normally all teak decks must be completely reseamed at the midway point of their life cycle.  For example, teak decks designed to last 20 years normally require reseaming at the 8 to 12 year point.

Reseaming should not be delayed.  When completed as indicated the teak decks will be “tightened up” significantly, water intrusion into the subdeck and joints will be limited and the structural integrity of the teak deck will be maintained.

Reseaming is job which is much more technically involved than most Captains’ and owners understand.  There are issues of voids, corrosion, fittings, fasteners, depth, width, product selection, and required wood replacement to consider.  Teak Solutions has teams which specialize in teak deck refurbishment.  We are experts at keeping the seam width minimum, cutting to the proper depth, using methods which maintain the structural integrity of the deck, and in the end minimize the amount of top surface which is removed.

The cost of a teak deck reseam is 40 to 50 percent of the cost of a new teak deck. Therefore all considerations must be made to ensure the client receives a refurbished product which will last at minimum 5 to 8 years.  If this cannot be achieved, the teak deck should be removed and replaced.


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