Welcome to Teak Solutions

Teak Solutions was founded in 1993 in San Diego, California by individuals who at the time already had over 25 years sea-going experience. Since then, Teak Solutions has matured from a small, reputable family firm into a worldwide organization working on multiple projects simultaneously across the globe.

Teak Solutions began by providing services on the West Coast of the USA on some of the largest yachts in the world at the time, including M/Y Golden Odyssey and M/Y Impromptu. After which, the company was asked to manage the installation of the teak decks on M/Y Rising Sun, which when launched was the largest yacht in the world.

More opportunities followed including magnificent projects on Motor Yacht A and Motor Yacht Palladium.

In addition to the yacht projects, Teak Solutions also completed a luxury, private resort  project in the Bahamas, Nandana Villa www.nandanavilla.com    

Further expansion saw the creation of a repair division headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, the opening of large factory in Valencia, Spain and the development of products and propietary patents.

Today Teak Solutions is a truly global organization, providing outstanding services and products to hundreds of clients worldwide. We are proud to say that our client portfolio continues to grow and our current order book contains the names and projects of the most respected clients and yacht builders in the world.


Effective immediately, Teak Solutions is acquired by Teakdecking Systems (Sarasota, Florida), the world’s leader in premier decking.

Teakdecking Systems welcomes Teak Solutions employees and customers and will continue to provide excellent quality and customer service.