ME100 Levelling & Bonding Epoxy

Teak Solutions (TS) ME100 Levelling & Bonding Epoxy is a custom-blended epoxy mastic of high quality resins, hardeners and engineered fillers to yield a blush-free, ultra light weight, flexible and easily-sanded system used for both levelling and the final bonding of teak panels or planks. TS ME100 weighs only mixed approx. 0.75 kg per litre / 1mm per m2 when cured and its cell-like structure makes it an excellent sound and thermal insulator.

The viscosity of the TS ME100 is formulated to be high enough to remain in place when used for deck fairing, but low enough to provide excellent wet-out for bonding.

The TS ME100 Levelling & Bonding Epoxy will cure in temperatures as low as 10ºC. Developed to be user-friendly, the simplified 1:1 mix ratio allows a batch of any size to be easily measured and mixed. Once thoroughly mixed, the material can be spread immediately, requiring no induction time. for more


  • Very good adhesion to used materials.
  • Excellent levelling / fairing material.
  • Excellent wet-out of bonding surfaces.
  • Designed for adhesion using vacuum bagging system.
  • Medium viscosity for ease of spreading and levelling.
  • Flexible strength resists shock and twist.
  • Lightweight fillers for reduced weight and sand-ability.
  • Good low temperature cure down to 10°C / 50°F.
  • 1:1 mix ratio for easy mixing.
  • Green product colour for easy location of material.
  • Non-blushing.


  • TS-ME 100 levelling & bonding epoxy comes in 9L Kit / 40 L kit , Green 1:1

Material Safety Data Sheets – pdfs