Whatever your teak deck needs, Teak Solutions has the answer. To find out more about our services click on the page links below or contact our sales team in Barcelona.

Proprietary Patents: Resin Infusion

Teak Solutions has a critical understanding and appreciation of the natural resource commonly referred to as “Teak”.  Accordingly after  being asked on numerous occasions to remove and replace “Teak Decks” on fairly new large yachts, we looked for a solution to the major cause of the failure.  Where Teak Solutions uses a panel system, vacuum … Continue reading Proprietary Patents: Resin Infusion

New Builds

Teak Solutions is first and foremost an OEM Supplier of expertly designed, manufactured, fitted, and maintained teak decks. Our company has synergistic agreements with the best in the industry helping produce the highest quality yachts in the world. We provide our clients truly exceptional teak deck in all respects which will last the life time … Continue reading New Builds

Refit & Repairs

Deck repairs & replacement While designing and manufacturing new teak decks for new yachts may be our passion, older yachts and even fairly new yachts often require new decks.  This decision is always difficult and normally made only after it is clearly determined that the old teak deck cannot be economically repaired. Once the choice … Continue reading Refit & Repairs

Custom Yacht Furniture

Teak Solutions can provide beautifully designed and hand-crafted custom teak furniture. The pieces can be created in “flat-pack” format which are then delivered to the vessel in custom-made bags with instructions, to be easily assembled by the crew.