New Builds

Teak Solutions is first and foremost an OEM Supplier of expertly designed, manufactured, fitted, and maintained teak decks. Our company has synergistic agreements with the best in the industry helping produce the highest quality yachts in the world. We provide our clients truly exceptional teak deck in all respects which will last the life time of the vessel (we strive to design and deliver a 20 year teak deck). In short with over 20 years in the business our designs have never experienced major structural or major caulk seam failures. And we honour our warranties worldwide for 24 months.

We are a “turn-key” provider. In addition to superior technical support which includes 3-D modelling of the as built surface, laser generated fairing using our proprietary light weight fairing epoxy to generate perfect camber and sheer (assuring water drainage) we then offer a bullet proof subdeck which provides both sound, thermal insulation and a stress able surface to attach a teak deck. Our subdecks are constructed of marine grade pressure treated plywood which is edged 75mm around with teak, stud welded and epoxy set. Finally on top we install the highest grade pre-manufactured teak panels normally constructed the full length of the surface. (up to 21 meters in length) Our panels are the best in the industry, built in long vacuum tables, backed using a biaxial stitched fiber glass matt, saturated in our proprietary epoxy panel adhesive. These panels are then set, again using High Pressure Vacuum to the prepared subdeck.  Our caulking is also propriety. As the teak decks were constructed from Computer generated templates cut from the 3-D modeling, we now use these templates as protection until delivery.  At delivery our team delivers the finished teak deck, signed Auto-CAD supported drawings of the as built surfaces, cleaning/maintenance instructions and a supply of our propriety cleaners